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About the Life Support Team

Welcome to the Life Support Team!

The Life Support Team is here to assist you with all of your insurance marketing, web and advertising needs. As a full-service agency, our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for you and your company. Our team does everything from TV commercials to web design— we can even help develop your brand or reinvent your brand. We understand the challenge and cost associatiated with accquiring new customers and we can get you the most out of your budget.

We specialize in assisting Life-Insurance Companies, Brokerage General Agencies, Small Agencies, Individual Agents, IMOs, Financial Institutions and Credit Unions with their marketing , advertising and web needs. We have helped numerous companies with their marketing and would love to help you as well!

Capture Your Audience's
Hearts and Minds

with our branding for insurance financial services strategies, including: brand development, challenger branding, image creation and planning from experienced professionals who understand the niches of life and consumer industries.

Life Insurance Market
Research & Resources

We deliver top competitive products, market analysis and focus groups from seasoned business professionals. Complemented with award winning proven successful trade and consumer advertising including print, TV, radio and digital media.

Advanced Marketing

Finding a reliable outsource for you and your company's marketing, advertising, project management and communications needs can be critical in taking your product to market or finding new markets. Our services can change your business!

Strengthen Your Marketing, Branding and Advertising Efforts with the Life Support Team