Social Media Strategies

Did you know that people are talking online about your company, your brand and services? They are promoting you, suggesting improvements, rating your actions and spreading the word. Are you in the conversation?


You may have heard of blogs, tweets, wall postings, friending, viral videos and online professional profiles. The many social media tools and communities can be confusing and threatening, and more seem to be launched every couple weeks. The experienced Life Support Team ensures you appropriately engage with your customers through a social media strategy using popular tools, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress, Posterous and Flikr. These CAN be effective tools in the Life Insurance, Brokerage General Agency, IMO and Banking world.

These social media tools can strengthen customer loyalty, emphasize competitive differentiators, and provide entry for new prospects. With our guidance and expertise, you will become comfortable building your online identity and communicating your value and services for your agency, company or organization.

Powerful tools must have proper management. The immediacy and permanency of online conversation require a knowledgeable, sustainable and strategic approach to establishing your agency’s online identity. Word spreads instantly in the social media community. We will help you confidently reach and respond to your customers, and also establish internal policies to guide every customer touch point.

Social Media does not = Free Advertising. It is however a communications vehicle that can successfully be used as part of an integrated campaign or strategy.

The Life Support Team provides whatever level of support you need, including:

  • Comprehensive Social Media Business Strategy
  • Internal Policy Guidance
  • Staff Orientation and Instruction
  • Social Media Seminars
  • Optimization of Existing Tools
  • Hands-on Construction and Implementation

We look forward to helping and hearing from you online. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, peruse our blog, network through LinkedIn, enjoy our Flikr photostream and watch for whatever might appear in the future on YouTube.

The world’s talking about you---let’s join the conversation.

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