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Insurance and Financial Services Communications and Public Relations Experience

The Life Support Team has extensive experience in developing strategic communications for the life insurance industry. With a combined 150+ years of communications experience, we understand how to design and carry out highly effective campaigns to reach your target audiences with your specific messages. We’ve crafted hundreds of communications for many of the leading life carriers, including Genworth Financial, Lincoln Financial, Nationwide Provident and others. We can offer comprehensive communications support, including:

  • Broker/Agent Communications
  • Co-branded Consumer Marketing Campaigns
  • Newsletters and Bulletins
  • Trade Publication Articles and Advertisements
  • Electronic Media
  • Community Relations
  • Staff Communications
  • Magazine Design and Delivery

All communications would be integrated with an overall strategy to accomplish your goals. We also have first-hand knowledge of the issues that are singular to the life insurance industry, including regulatory and compliance concerns. This is not something you’ll find with the run-of-the-mill advertising agency. We can leverage our life experience and knowledge to more efficiently create the messages, branding and results that you need.

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Writing Sample:

Simple Solution to Optimizing Income

Spread the Wealth by using Charitable Trusts

Income-Producing Property?
A Good Problem to Have...

If you’re like many wealthy retirees, you’re living off of income generated by property you purchased years ago. Today, however, managing that property may have become a full-time job – not exactly what you had in mind for your retirement years. And when you calculate the time and money spent to manage this asset, you realize that your net income is just not that good! There’s a better way to receive the desired income from assets such as these – and share your success with your favorite charity at the same time.

Charitable Trusts: Everybody Wins

If you want more income for yourself and to do good for others, make a gift to charity – as long as the property is not mortgaged or part of an operating business. If you have a favorite charity, you can create a Charitable Remainder Trust, which can have an immediate benefit on your income and your taxes. You receive tax-free income from the trust while you’re alive; the charity receives the assets when you die. Then, to replace the assets that are going to the charity, but which would have gone to your heirs, you can establish a Wealth Replacement Trust Fund, funded with a life insurance policy. You choose how to receive your income stream. If your current income need is not as great as getting an increase in the future, you can provide that income flexibility with a unitrust.

Add Flexibility with a Unitrust

If you’re more concerned with receiving and controlling income later, you may prefer the Net Income with Makeup Provision Unitrust (NIMCRUT). The NIMCRUT works very much like a standard Charitable Remainder Unitrust, but with additional income flexibility. Your income from the trust would be the lesser of:
•    A fixed percentage of the annual trust assets’ value (between 5% and 50%); or                            
•    The income produced annually.        

If the actual income ever fails to meet your required minimum, the trust can “make up” the difference when future income exceeds the threshold. For example, the unitrust may be set up to pay you a certain portion of the assets’ value – say, 6% – but only to the extent of actual income. If the unitrust value is $100,000 with a fixed payout of 6%, but the income is only $3,000, then it only pays you $3,000 for that year. Later, the makeup provision would allow the trust to “make up” this shortage when the income exceeds the threshold. (Trust income may be subject to income taxation.)

For additional information, refer to our Charitable Planning Kit brochure, and/or contact a qualified company representative.

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