Marketing Company Specializing in Life Insurance

Marketing Expertise

From Concept to Delivery ... The Life Support Team is uniquely qualified, capable and ready for anything you need to enhance and advance your business.

We've handled marketing budgets up to $10 million and as low as $0. Some of our presentation projects have resulted in $55 million contracts.

We have the tools and expertise to help you assess the market and implement marketing strategies to keep you ahead of the competition. As a full-service marketing firm, we offer a diverse array of marketing services, ranging from strategic to tactical:

Focus Groups - Whether you are testing a product or idea, we have the skills and Six Sigma quality expertise to coordinate these valuable sessions and generate solid analysis.

Customer Research - We can provide a variety of research and analysis techniques to help you better understand the needs of your customers or gauge the appeal and comprehension of marketing campaigns, materials and communications. We can also provide customer segmentation for targeted marketing and strategy planning.

Market Analysis - With our strong industry expertise, we can conduct thorough research and assessments of any potential market or business development opportunity you want to pursue.

Competitive Intelligence
- We have the experience and ability to help you understand your competition, whether it is an insurance company or a distributor, and to define the steps needed to grow your business and gain share. 

Product Benchmarking - Based on our life insurance knowledge, we can provide meaningful and objective analysis of the products you currently offer or are competing against, including how they compare in price, features and underwriting.

Brand positioning - To optimize your advertising dollars, we offer intense, integrated marketing solutions that reflect your marketing and brand positioning.

Trade advertising - When it comes to trade advertising and media, we believe in an aggressive direct approach that clearly states the benefit is best. Of course we add a bit of ingenuity and creativity to make it dominate thought leadership in your category.

Product strategies and introductions - We specialize in vision engineering, brand development, naming, identity and brand creation for all varieties of life insurance entities and products.

Multi-media, mass media and advertising - We offer complete advertising services, including social media, TV, radio, print and placement, trade show exhibit design and sales, and even presentations and media training.

We see our marketing services as an extension of your organization. We can work with your agency, in-house marketing communciations staff and your organization's leadership team to add value to your ongoing marketing efforts.

Our seasoned leadership in life marketing, Six Sigma approach to business, and endless creativity will give you the definitive edge over your competition.


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